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The BMF is a non-racial, thought leadership organisation founded in 1976, with the main purpose of influencing socio-economic transformation of our country, in pursuit of socio-economic justice, fairness and equity. The BMF continues to be vocal on these aforementioned matters and has been keeping Corporate South Africa in check and encouraging participation of the broader South African stakeholders. 

The BMF espouses a value system which embraces high standards and sets tone and measure in business ethics, not only amongst black organisation, but South African society in general

Through its value system, its disciplines and perseverance towards a just cause, the leadership of the BMF has made a meaningful contribution to the stability of the country and the progress made on socio-economic development.

The organisation builds confidence and capacity amongst black managers by providing a support structure that facilitates their integration into a business environment which is often hostile and unsupportive.

The organisation stands for the development and empowerment of managerial leadership primarily amongst black people within organisations and the creation of managerial structures and processes, which reflect the demographics, and values of the wider society. 

Whereas the BMF is not apolitical, but is non-partisan. The BMF is however not neutral on matters of transformation- We are pro-transformation.

The Black Management Forum; launched the Transformation Barometer Final Report | 02 September 2015 | Deloitte Woodmead | Follow the discussions on Twitter @BMFNational #TBLaunch

Download the BMF Transformation Barometer Research Report 2015