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The BMF espouses a value system which embraces high standards and sets tone and measure in business ethics, not only amongst black organisation, but South African society in general

Through its value system, its disciplines and perseverance towards a just cause, the leadership of the BMF has made a meaningful contribution to the stability of the country and the progress made on socio-economic development.

The organisation builds confidence and capacity amongst black managers by providing a support structure that facilitates their integration into a business environment which is often hostile and unsupportive.

Some of the notable BMF achievements include the following:-

  • Its leadership in the area of Affirmative Action through our "Affirmative Action Blueprint" of 1993 has also assisted many companies in the formulation of Human Resource Policies which advances the process of employment equity.
  • The BMF staff members were, at different times, appointed to the Department of Labour as Directors for Employment Equity.
  • The BMF played a key role in Nedlac (notwithstanding the fact that it was not a member of this body) in the negotiation and formulation of Affirmative Action positions, which are incorporated in the Employment Equity Act.
  • The BMF through its resolution in 1997 originated the Black Economic Empowerment Commission (BEECOM) which was then headed by Cyril Ramaphosa under the auspices of the organised formation, the Black business Council (BBC).