DID YOU KNOW... this goes on behind the scenes

The EC Provincial Lecture was endsville

"BMF is an organisation of influence..." Mr Anthony Hill #BMF40 cc @BMFNational @BMFEasternCape

BMF is a principled organization with the highest level of behaviour. #bmf40 @BMFNational @BMFEasternCape

Never undermine anyone at any level in any organisation #BMF40 @BMFEasternCape #GrowOwnTimber #AnthonyHill

#BMF40 in East London with guest speaker #BhekiSibiya.  An amazingly great inspirational leader @BMFNational




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By becoming a BMF member, you will benefit from the various personal, career, and leadership development opportunities. #BMFMembership

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New MTN chief in PIC’s crosshairs ow.ly/874W301AomQ pic.twitter.com/Auxp5ZajPj

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Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it” – Albert Einstein #FridayWisdom

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